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"This group has worked tirelessly to help so many families. Everyone is so supportive.

The workshops are very beneficial. In fact it feels more like an extended family."

- Emma

"This group has been an absolute godsend to our family over the years Saturday club was amazing for our children to socialise and for parents to meet each other. Over lockdown you quickly sprang into action and organised monthly packs for the children to keep them occupied. If it wasn't for this group I don't know where we would be"

- Elizabeth

"The group is family centred with such a large variety of activities for everyone to enjoy/partake in"

- Anna

"My daughter joined this group as a child with nowhere to go that she was accepted for being herself. She thrives at the groups and activities she attends through Dpk Autism Group which is amazing to see. I myself have attended several workshops and fitness activities that have helped me as a parent and as a person. "

- Debbie

"The group has given us opportunities to try new things in an inclusive, supportive and empowering way."

- Martina 

“I felt so alone after my child's diagnosis. There was minimal support offered to me as a parent and absolutely nothing for my child. The services provided by the Downpatrick Autism Family Support Group are absolutely fantastic. I felt so welcomed by the group and to have the support from other parents in the same situation as me has been wonderful. I feel so lucky to have this group available to our family and we would be lost without it.”

- Anna

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