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Are you struggling to manage the demands of daily life? Feel overwhelmed, stressed or under pressure?

If this sounds like you, then book your place on the Juggling Demands Workshop to learn practical tips and hints to help you take control!

Juggling Demands is a 90 minute, engaging and interactive workshop for parents and carers.

Do you sometimes feel guilty or perhaps put pressure on yourself? Do you compare yourself to others? Think you can't cope?

STOP! Now is the time to pause, reset and revaluate.

We will use reflective learning to discover what can help and encourage a positive mindset. The aim of this session is to provide everyone with insight, reassurance, and practical tips to use going forward.

Topics to be explored include:

  • Daily demands

  • Your own to do list

  • Demands from others

  • When it all gets too much

  • How we cope on good days

  • Default coping mechanisms

  • Coping in the future with confidence

Come along for a cuppa, a bit of craic, and support from those who understand

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